Starting The Impossible List

About a year before I turned 30, I freaked out a little. I was about to be 30 and there were things in my life I’d just never done that seemed really, really important. So I started my 30 Before 30 list, inspired by Celine. Overall, I think it went well. For that year, I felt powerful– like I was finally taking my life into my own hands and getting things done. But it was a bucket list. There was a deadline, and the list did not evolve. (Well, it did. I got rid of stuff. But that wasn’t really in the spirit of the whole 30 Before 30 thing, since I ended up not doing all 30 things.)

Joel Runyon, The Blog of Impossible Things

I’m 30 now, and I don’t want to do a bucket list anymore. I want to do the impossible list. Joel Runyon is, if not the inventor of the impossible list, at least the most vocal proponent of it. He says the impossible list is not a bucket list.

A bucket list is static, the impossible list evolves… A bucket list gets smaller, the impossible list gets bigger… A bucket list is focused what you do before you die, the impossible list is focused on how you live… A bucket list revoles around you, the impossible list is focused on others… A bucket list is focused on the event, the impossible list is focused on the journey… A bucket list has accomplishments, the impossible list has meaning… A bucket list is made up of someday dreams, the impossible list requires action today… A bucket list expires, the impossible list aspires.

In the spirit of the impossible list, then, I’m going to start one, but I’m not going to worry too much about it to begin with. I’m just going to start it, start living it, and work on evolving it from there.

Do you have an impossible list? What inspired you to get it started? I’d love to hear it, since I’m working on mine starting now…