Project 333: The Beginning

A few months ago while researching the idea of minimalism, I came across Project 333. I was intrigued, but not all that interested in trying to pare down my closet that much. I thought I was pretty good about keeping things cleaned out, after all. This month, though, I decided to go for it. It’s an experiment in minimalism, yes, but also an experiment in style.

I started by gathering a bunch of items to be donated.

All of this stuff was in my closet, or dresser drawers, or hidden away, waiting for me to decide what to do with it. I decided. It is all leaving my house. (So much for the idea that I was already pretty good at keeping my closet cleaned out. I suck!)

Next, I pared down my closet to the “I Love” items. That’s not to say I got rid of all the stuff I didn’t love– I ended up with one box full of stuff that doesn’t fit, but that I can’t quite part with. But at least I had a starting point.

92 items total (including 9 dresses and a staggering 42 pairs of shoes). Still miles to go to get to 33.

I piled and debated and considered for hours. I deliberated on my shoes for what seemed like an eternity.

But, finally, thankfully, I was down to a mere 33 items total, including shoes, outerwear, and accessories.

I’m a little worried about this, to be honest. This is a massive change from yesterday’s closet, and it makes me a little panicky to look at it. But, I considered carefully, and I think I can do this.

My 33 items:

cowboy boots
tall black boots
high-heeled sandals
mustard yellow flats
pink sling-backs
plaid heels
brown shorts
brown corduroys
dark-wash jeans
[as yet to be purchased black slacks]
black dress
brown corduroy skirt
gray pencil skirt
teal & black blouse
pink & gray blouse
green tank top
yellow 3/4 sleeve top
black sleeveless blouse
purple blouse
butterfly blouse
purple v-neck sweater
teal cardigan
purple corduroy blazer
mustard yellow blazer
jean jacket
brown leather jacket
purple purse
rock necklace
purple bead necklace
diamond anniversary necklace
purple bracelet
hoop earrings
blue dangly earrings

Some interesting observations: I ended up with 3 corduroy items. I’m a little worried about that– but at least I know I’ll have some texture in my wardrobe. Also, I didn’t end up necessarily keeping my newest, nicest, or most expensive things. A lot of what I kept is older, and has proven itself a favorite through the test of time.

As for the rest of the stuff that didn’t make the cut, it’s packed away in 3 big boxes, sealed and waiting for me to open them on December 1 to chose my next 33 items.

A 33-item wardrobe for 3 months? It may seem impossible, but what’s life for if not to at least attempt the impossible, right?

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