I saw a friend today at the Heart of Carolina Romance Writers meeting who stopped me to talk about my Impossible List. Mari said she told her partner about my list, and my Project 333 and my 30 Before 30 (all sort of related).

The next morning, he got up and went for a run for the first time in months after injuring his knee. He came back and told Mari to make sure to tell her friend with the list (me) that she inspired him to run.

And she told me.

And do you know what? My friend’s story about her partner’s inspiration inspired me to keep going with this crazy Impossible List. I love that. That’s what it’s all about– Impossible Lists are impossible alone. But I’m not alone. I have all of you to tell me I’m crazy (in a good way), and admire my shoes (even though I have a scant 6 pair left), and tell me your inspirational stories of impossible things. It’s all circular. We’re going to inspire each other to do great things. We already are.

That’s pretty awesome.

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  • Charles Lord

    You always inspire me, Sonja, with your fresh look at life and vivid imagination and curiosity for life!

    • Aw, thanks Charles!