Why I Cut 64% Of My Wardrobe

I’ve done a lot of crazy things on this blog. You all read along when I attempted to do 30 things before my 30th birthday. You humored me when I wrote about my underwear. You even gave me some “poor baby” love when I posted about the snow in my car. But never have so many people stopped me in person to talk about my blog than they have about Project 333.

Everything that ended up in the “Love It” pile, even after I pared down A LOT: 92 items total. Still miles to go to get to 33.

It seems to have touched a nerve, not just with fashionistas, not just with women, but with people in general. Theories as to why? First of all, it’s just a cool concept. (And not my concept, by the way– Courtney came up with it.) Second, I think it’s something everyone can identify with. Who has never looked in their closet and thought, I have too much? Not I. Third, it makes you ask yourself a lot of questions. Why would she do this? Could I do this? Should I do this? What would I keep if I did?

Well, I can answer the one about why I did it, and maybe that will help you with the rest of your questions…

1. I needed more space.

Small(ish) house, too much stuff. First world problem, I know, but it’s true. The closet was full. And now it is distinctly not. (At least my half.) Even before getting down to my 92 “I love” items, I probably purged half of my wardrobe for a giveaway pile. The title of this post says I cut 64% of my wardrobe, but that’s only from the 92 “I love” items. I cut way more than that, considering what used to be crammed in my closet, shoved in my dresser drawers, and piled in various tubs.

2. I had a lot of “I wish” clothes.

I recently gained some weight (no, I won’t tell you how much) and I still had a lot of clothes hanging in my closet that I could not possibly wear. You might not realize it, but it’s demoralizing to open your closet every morning and be reminded that you don’t fit in the clothes that you love. It’s hard to feel awesome for the rest of the day if the first thing you do is fail to wear what you want to wear out of your wardrobe. But I was too chicken to get rid of stuff because I’m trying hard to lose the weight and someday I might be able to wear it again. Let me tell you: wishes and goals belong in your brain or on a list– not in your closet.

3. I didn’t have to throw out things I really wanted to keep.

All I had to do was box them up. That’s a lot easier to deal with than a complete purge. My hope is that I will open those boxes at the end of my 3 months and realize I can give away a whole new big pile of stuff because what I thought I wanted to keep, I’m not really that attached to anymore.

4. I need peace.

One of my Big Giant Life Goals is to create peace for myself, and I think one way of doing that is to have less stuff. Stuff stresses me out. I buy all this stuff because I think I need it or I think I deserve it and it will make me feel awesome to have it, but really it just makes me annoyed to have to find a place for it and to maintain it, and it makes me feel guilty if I don’t wear it/use it/like it. Well, screw that. If peace comes in the form of boxing up 64% of my wardrobe, I’m doin’ it.

5. I’m up for a challenge.

Honestly, one reason I’m doing this is because I want to have accomplished something cool and I want you guys to think I’m awesome. Yep, I’m doin’ it for the accolades. So keep stopping me to talk about it. I like it.

So, your turn. Are you thinking about doing it? Do you still think I’m crazy? (That’s totally ok. I don’t mind…)

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