Sonja, Future Deep Fried Ambassador?

Fall is here! You all know it’s my favorite season, for reasons including the North Carolina State Fair! I go to the State Fair every year, mostly for the food, honestly, but I love the whole atmosphere.

The traditional State Fair food shot. Mmmm!

Here’s the video I made of our visit in 2009:

And here’s some video from last year of the cute little baby goats! (I cannot tell you how happy baby goats make me.)

Goats! I love goats!

And the cute little piggies! Eeee!

And, of course, there’s always the Deep Fried Tweetup!

Last year, I even entered the graphic design contest! (It was part of a community college class I was taking. I didn’t win– you can see why… But my heart was in it!)

So, see, I’m already pretty much a Fair ambassador, but this year, I have a chance at winning the official Deep Fried Ambassador spot! (NC State Fair, if you’re reading this, you can email me news of my ambassadorship here. 😉 )

So, what do you think of the fair? Do you go every year? What’s your favorite part?

  • Lisa Sullivan

    I LOVE a Fair! 😉 Well, I love the NC State Fair. I used to go for the rides. Thinking I’m getting too old for that now. I totally go for the deep-fried snickers (my absolute favorite) and just about everything else – the people watching, entertainment, and I love to see the student awards too! You go get ’em Sonya. You’d be GREAT at being Ambassador this year!

    • I love the deep fried oreos, and I always get a Polish sausage sandwich. 🙂

  • Beth Caudill

    The fair is nice. I go for the NC State Ice Cream.  I love the Cherry Vanilla. I wish I could spend more time looking at the exhibits but kids and hubby aren’t very interested.  But the kids love the rides.  We don’t necessarily go every year but we do go quite often.

    • Mmmm, love the ice cream!