All The Cool Kids Are Doin’ It

Know who else purged her closet in the spirit of Project 333?

Mari Freeman: She wrote about it, and took pictures, too! Looks great, Mari!

My mom: I sent her home with a bunch of clothes from my cleaned out closet, and she got rid of an equivalent amount of her stuff to make room for the new.

My sister: She had to get rid of some stuff because she got too skinny for it. Poor thing.

My friend Laura, who said, “… it felt so GOOD to pack up and give up all that stuff I’d been hanging onto.”

My Twitter bud Lisa: She says, “I went through my closet and purged 3 bags of stuff to donate to Purple Heart (after purging 5 bags of donations in May). I had shoes from the 11th grade. Which was 14 years ago.”

Who else? Did I miss you? Tell me! I want to hear about it!

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