Wedding Video Woes

This weekend is mine and Robbie’s 7-year wedding anniversary… and I’m finally just now getting around to editing our wedding video. Yeah, I’m slow.

I was hoping to make it all funny and sweet, and maybe a little bit touching. But I’m running into problems:

  • There’s no B-roll footage. Well, ok, very little. And I like B-roll footage in wedding videos because otherwise they’re kinda boring.
  • The very little B-roll footage I mentioned is mostly of our videographer asking Robbie what he’s most excited about on the morn of our wedding, and the poetic, loving words that come out of my future husband’s mouth are, “We’re going on a cruise tomorrow! WOOOOO!” I’m touched. Really.
  • The sound quality is not good. Therefore, most of the ceremony is pretty much unusable. But that’s ok, because it’s boring anyway.
  • The stuff I really want in there is the music (performed by my sister and two great friends) but the shooting angle blocks my sister’s head while she’s singing the first song and, as mentioned, there is little B-roll footage to put over top.
  • I want to use a song at the end that was not recorded at the time of our wedding. I know, it’s my wedding video and I can do what I want, but it seems incongruous.

So, since my wedding video editing is not going as well as I’d hoped, here’s a wedding video that is awesome. Guess I’ll know what to do for my next wedding… Heh. (Kidding, OMG.)