Project 333: 1 Month Update

I honestly didn’t think this project would be very hard after I had boxed up my stuff and started on down the road. The sorting was supposed to be the hard part, and then I would just coast.

Well, I was wrong. This is boring and it sucks. I chose some dumb stuff. But I’m still doing it. Picture evidence:

Today, October 5

I cheated a bit for our trip to the mountains and wore my North Face jacket and my hiking boots. I consider them “workout clothes.” (It’s a stretch, I know.)

The one thing I have not worn yet? The purple bracelet. It’s not that I don’t like it, but I don’t like wearing it to work because it bangs on my keyboard and I have to take it off anyway. It also doesn’t work well with long-sleeved shirts. (Too big.)

I also never replaced the broken mustard yellow flats.

Broken shoes make Sonja very sad.

So, I’m taking those two items out of my 33 things and replacing them with better stuff. I’m thinking I’ll probably put in a top and maybe a pair of flats, as the only flats I have now are my cowboy boots (which are lovely, but sometimes are not appropriate).

Help me out. How would you fix my lame wardrobe? Anyone have hints to keep me from getting bored? November 30 is looking pretty far away.

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  • Mari

    Given the idea was not to torture, I would add a couple more items that are fun, maybe even extravagant. You know those pieces you like but almost never wear.  Things you can wear on the days that the projects seems the hardest. A way to snub your nose at the boring closet.

    40 items would still be a great job.

    • I think you’re right, Mari. I already have a few really not-sensible-at-all pairs of shoes that sort of help… Maybe more of that.

  • I love cardigans, so if you were to replace your purple bracelet with a really universal cardigan and perhaps a really cool tank top, you could make them convertible with your outfits. One of my favorite color combos: my salmon Lands End cardigan with my orange tank top. Quirky, but pretty cool. And I like Mari’s reasoning below: if you add a small handful of “rare items,” then perhaps they could count as one or two since they’d be, you know, rare.

    • Yeah, I’m kind of thinking maybe my tank top doesn’t REALLY count because I only wear it under things and never by itself… That makes it underwear, right? 😉 I love a good cardigan, too. I kept out my favorite teal one.

  • I would swap out seasonal items that suit summer.  I know we may have crazy hot days in October, but they’re less likely.  So I’d nix the sandals and shorts.  I also might swap in more earrings somewhere, but that’s because earrings are the only thing I really use to add variety to my wardrobe.  My body shape drastically limits my options when it comes to things that are both flattering and okay to wear to work at a middle school.  Lots of camisoles under solid-colored t-shirts with the hope that a poofy skirt or some crisp khakis make it look not shlubby.  Plus the fancy earrings.

    • You know, you’re right. I’ve only worn the shorts once. And I MIGHT wear the sandals again… but maybe not. And I’m liking fancy earrings a lot more now that my hair doesn’t cover them up. Some good dangly ones might be just the thing.

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