Top 10 Reasons You Should Come See “Sing Me a Story”

I know I have bothered most of you about coming to see this show ad nauseam, and I’m sorry (sorta), but for those of you who don’t know, I’m in a show with the Durham Savoyards this weekend called Sing Me a Story. Here are the top 10 reasons you really should come see it:

10. Pirates!
9. Fairies!
8. Romance!
7. Swordfights!
6. 2 cute little kids playing 2 cute little kids. They are cute. Seriously.
5. Some of the best music from a bunch of different Gilbert & Sullivan operettas. If you’re not a Gilbert & Sullivan fan, you will be after this show. If you already are a Gilbert & Sullivan fan, why are you still reading this? Buy tickets!

Credit: Disgrace-Angel369 on DeviantArt

4.  I reprise my role as a reluctant student warrior from Princess Ida, only this time the weapon I wield is not a sword. It’s something better. Oh so much better.
3. Singing and dancing! At the same time, even!
2. Amazing solos, especially Captain Willis and Mad Margaret– they’re my favorites!
1. Because you love me! You will have my undying gratitude if you come see me. And don’t forget to stick around in the lobby after the show! I’ll come out and hug you and get stage make-up all over you! It’ll be fun!

See you there!