A Statue, A Pointy Hat, and a Tiny Two-Measure Solo

Thought I should give you all a bit of a Sing Me a Story recap, since I bugged you about it for so many weeks. It went well! But of course you knew it would, right?

Thanks to the magic of Facebook friends sharing pictures, I have a few to show you:

Me as a statue of Minerva in the Princess Ida section. I'm awesome at pretending to be a statue, apparently.

The finale of the Princess Ida section. (I'm the top row in the middle.) I got to take home my pointy hat. To be honest, I was completely thrilled about that. (Seriously.)

"Go Ye Heroes Go And Die" from Pirates of Penzance. I'm the overset maiden on the top left.

The Queen of the Fairies in Iolanthe. I'm the demure fairy on the right.

Annnnd, the moment I know you’ve all been waiting for: my two-measure solo! (A friend captured this on his iPhone and edited it– I didn’t cut the other girl’s solo out on purpose, I promise.)