The Spice Rack Problem

I have a problem. I have 40 bottles of spices and they’re currently stored in a cardboard box that I heft out of my cabinet and dig through when I want one. It barely works and it’s embarrassing. I lamented my woes on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest last night and got a flood of advice, which I thought was only fair to share here. Thank you, friends!

Um. Haven’t counted mine, but I bet it’s way more than 40. Spice racks. –LisaRosen

[Store your spices in a] dark, cool place. NOT the cabinet over the stove or under the sink! Use glass jars if possible with tight lids. Oh, and it’s not weird. I have two shelves full! 🙂 –OlivaKelly_

Source: via Sonja on Pinterest

Ours are in little mason jars across the back of the stove. But 40 is a lot… -Jonathan

Oh, I just have to!: Swivel Store -Mary

(Baha. Thanks Mary.)

Your very own sister revolutionized my spice storage – I actually have a spice drawer now thanks to her example. (And I’m pretty sure I have at least 40 spices.) -Kimberly

I built some little shelves out of 1 x 2 and they sit on the counter up against the wall. -Tracy

I have one of those white coated shelves in a cabinet. I probably have at least 30 spices. -Lori

I have 42!!! I put them all in those small magnetic tin canisters with clear lid. Then I attached a piece of sheet metal to the inside of the cabinet closest to my stove and slapped them all up there. The stuff I use less often like poultry seasoning ends up way at the top but that’s ok. They’re low profile enough that they don’t interfere with anything already in the cabinet. It’s like free space that I wasn’t using for anything! –Dina

Maybe if we all beg hard enough, Dina will put a post up on her blog about this. I looked and didn’t see one!

I totally have 40 bottles of spices, if not more. I have a cabinet dedicated to them in the kitchen, and it has overflowed into the lazy susan cabinet next to it. My buddy Paulette uses an entire corner cabinet in her kitchen for her spice collection. I call this domestic goddessery, because a proper cook can never have enough spices. 🙂 -Emily

I did this for Janell. -Tanner

Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions! Now I definitely have a starting point!