We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Soap

I didn’t really mean to, but in the past few weeks, I’ve given up face-wash/soap and shampoo & conditioner. That probably gives you a mental image of a be-zitted greasy-haired hippie chick, and that added in with my Project 333 may make you think I look like a homeless person, but I promise I don’t.

I’m working toward a minimalist lifestyle, and trying to get rid of the things I don’t really need. I don’t really need a crammed-full closet (hence Project 333). And, as it turns out, I don’t need expensive shampoos or face washes, either. My skin and hair are happier without.

Why I Don’t Need Face Wash

I started using the Oil Cleansing Method. I won’t go into a whole bunch of detail here since you can Google it and find out anything you want to know. I will say, however, that my face immediately loved this and I didn’t have a weird, awkward transition period like some of the posts talked about. The zits I had dried up without that weird flakiness that happens with benzyl peroxide or whatever else you can put on them, and my pores look slightly smaller to me (although I admit that might be just wishful thinking).

I haven’t had a problem putting the washcloths through my regular laundry cycle either. I just rinse them really well when I’m done with them. I also use a cotton ball to wipe off my waterproof mascara before I do the steam washcloth because I don’t want to get gross eye makeup all over my washcloths. Everything else is by the book, though.

Why I Don’t Use Shampoo

This one was harder, and there was definitely a weird, gross transition stage. However, I am proud to report that it is Day 6 of the No ‘Poo experiment and my hair is soft, touchable, and shiny. (It has never been both soft and shiny at the same time before.) I’m using the baking soda and apple cider vinegar method.

My last shampoo was Tuesday, and, I have to tell you, my hair was pretty nasty from like Thursday through Sunday. But this morning after doing a baking soda wash and apple cider rinse, it looks awesome. Like best hair day ever awesome– without shampoo, without conditioner, and without any pomade product or anything. I didn’t have trouble with my hair dryer either like some people reported. (They said their hair only looked good air dried.)

And, because I know you want it, here is proof that I am not looking like a be-zitted, greasy-haired homeless person.

Would you ever give up shampoo or face wash? What are your weird beauty/fashion secrets? Spill– I’ve proven I’m willing to try anything. Heh.

  • Beck

    Ah ha… I was waiting for you to make this post. I was wondering if you liked the ‘no ‘poo’ results or not. Since I have really curly hair that struggles with being dry anyway, I am thinking about giving this a try. My only question is, do you get your hair wet in the shower every time, or do you sometimes shower cap?

    • I have done both, but since I like to use a hair dryer, I usually at least rinse with water so I have something to dry. 🙂 With long, curly hair, though, I think I would be more inclined to shower cap. This method is often recommended for curly hair. There are entire websites dedicated to it– plus other tricks like “plopping” your curls in a cotton (not terrycloth) towel to dry it, and how to comb & scrunch, etc. etc. Good luck!

  • Beth Caudill

    Since I don’t use face wash to begin with, umm I have nothing to give up here.   As for the shampoo…that’s harder.  Particularly as my hair relishes conditioner.  I’ve actually heard people say with the amount of curl and thickness I have that I should be using ONLY Conditioner with no shampoo.   I haven’t been able to bring myself to do that yet.   I’m not sure I could go the no conditioner route period.

    Something to ponder. 

    • Beth, I think you’re in the same boat as commenter above on your curls. 😉 Here’s a link to the popular Curly Girl method, which is conditioner-only: http://www.wikihow.com/Follow-the-Curly-Girl-Method-for-Curly-Hair

  • Leslie

    Thanks for the information, I’ll have to give this a try. BTW I went to the Crunchy Betty site and giggled. What a great name!

    Leslie Nuccio

    • Isn’t it, though? 🙂 She has some very entertaining posts, too.

  • Alana

    Your hair looks aaaaaaaaawesome! Pink headband day was totally worth it.

    I have been intrigued by the no poo thing for a while, but I have yet to read of a blonde experimenter who was happy with the results 🙁

    • Thanks Alana. 🙂 It’s better in person, haha. And here’s a blondie for you! http://www.uniquelynormalmom.com/2011/06/2-years-of-no-poo-questions-pictures.html#.TsHBjoAbWSo

    • Alana, I suspect hair texture plays a big role in how pleasant this is or is not.  I think finer hair would require more frequent baking-soda-and-vinegaring.

      Sonja – I would totally give up either of them in theory…  I don’t use my facewash that often anyway and my shampoo is already 50% hippie.  But they feel like pampering, which is something I really need right now, so I won’t actually be giving up either of them.  That said, a solution of 1 c cold water + 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar used as a rinse always gives me shiny hair.  AND.  My new Sephora boar detangling brush would probably make a no poo lifestyle much better if I should decide to try it ever.

  • Ok, I sincerely admire your fortitude and willingness to experiment. Me, I adore nothing more than going into LUSH and spending $10 on a tiny bottle of ridiculously expensive ‘poo. IT SMELLS AWESOME!

    My husband nearly gacked when he learned how much I would spend on shampoo (I’ll buy a slice of the bazillion $ per pound smell-wonderful soaps, too). Nowadays I try to pay in cash so he won’t be reminded. But I still do it!

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