Project 333: Cycle 2 Begins

I’ve been wearing all my “new” stuff for the past two days and I feel fresh and stylish. (Maybe delusional. It’s a possibility.) If you’re unfamiliar with Project 333, read up on it. I’m now starting on my fourth month, which means it’s time to change out the stuff from the first three months. Yay!

So, according to the official rules of Project 333, in your 33 wardrobe items, outerwear, jewelry, and shoes count. I followed the rules the best I could for the first three months, with mixed success.

I decided, though, that this time, I’m going to be less worried about the actual number of items and think more about creating a coordinated wardrobe that fits and looks great and can be mixed and matched. (This is my justification for cheating. I am an excellent justifier.)

So I decided that, for me, outerwear and jewelry don’t count in my 33. This is mostly because I’m not a big collector of outerwear and jewelry.

Seriously, about a year ago, I tried to find some gold jewelry to sell at one of those gold parties that were popular, and all I had was, like, a freebie fake gold charm bracelet from Cancun and a Hello Kitty broach from 2nd grade. I just really don’t have jewelry.

And outerwear is just functional– it’s never really part of my “outfit.” I have a black coat and a brown coat and that’s it. That’s all I need.

Shoes, though, still count because I am a shoe slut, and if they didn’t count, I would have 47 pairs of them. Honest. I am not exaggerating.

Some of the many, many… many pairs of shoes I own.

If you’re interested in the actual items, you can check out my Picasa album. I’m missing item #33 because I still have to buy a purse. A red one. With flowers on it.

It feels absolutely luxurious to have so many things to pick from. I think I have enough shoes to be content (if not gleeful) and my outfits will be no problem.

I am¬†cheating and using a separate wardrobe for when I go on a cruise in a couple weeks. If I were hardcore, I could manage, but I’m not and it was too much stress, so I’m cheating. (This is why I’m still fat, people. When the going gets tough, I cheat.) (That was a joke. Please don’t leave any comments that say, “You’re not fat!” because then there will be awkwardness when I don’t know what to say because I really don’t think I’m that¬†fat, and you’re trying awfully hard to convince me I’m not, and does that mean I really am? So just laugh and move on, ok?)

Stuff I’m looking forward to for the next three months:

  • Not buying jeans
  • Not trying to fit my generous ass in pants that don’t fit
  • Red!
  • Many, many more shoes than I had access to in Cycle 1

Of course, if I happened to lose, you know, forty pounds in the course of the next three months and had to start all over with this wardrobe thing, I wouldn’t complain. Just sayin’.

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