Not Saying Anything Not-Nice

The true meaning of Christmas is, apparently, to send me into a whirly rollercoaster of emotional distress every holiday season until I can’t see straight and feel vaguely like vomiting for an entire month-and-a-half. I suppose I can’t really blame this on baby Jesus or even on Santa. But maybe I can blame it on a lack of sunlight or cold weather or interruptions in my routines.

Thusly, I have nothing nice to say today, and even though being nice is over-rated, I’m going to take the high road and follow the instructions from my mother: “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Instead, I shall provide linkage to you today of all the stuff I did around the Internets this week, and all the cool stuff other people did that I wish I thought of first:

What I Wrote

Here on the blog, I talked about going through 3 months of wearing only 33 wardrobe items. (My boss approached me after reading the post and told me she could never EVER do that, but that she hadn’t noticed I’d been wearing the same things over and over, so I guess I’m in the clear!)

And, because I know you care that much about my wardrobe choices, I also talked about what I’m wearing for the next 3 months.

If you’re still not tired of hearing about Project 333 from me, you can check out my Picasa album, where I’ve added a photo of me every day this week, wearing the same stuff over and over. Doesn’t sound boring at all, does it?

Shameless Plugs

My wee brother wrote an article on the Cage/Cardew connection, which, honestly, I barely understand because I know next to nothing about Cardew, and only slightly more about Cage, but if you are into avantgarde composers, you should check it out.

Joel Runyon over at BIT wrote about being nice this week. And we’re talking “being nice” in the doormat way, not “being nice” in the not-whining-on-your-blog way.

Day Job

My coworkers shaved their moustaches off this week and it was glorious. Here they are in their full mos (pre-shave), raising money and awareness for men’s health:

What I Read

I finished Her Tycoon to Tame by Emilie Rose and Grow Your Blog – Proven Ways To Add Followers Every Single Day by The Simple Dude this week.

Other Crap

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