Stuff You Might Have Missed in 2011

Guys, I realize I haven’t been around much lately. There are reasons for that, not the least of which is that I am working on a project that is, as of yet, still a secret. So, while you’re waiting, check out some stuff you might have missed in 2011:

Project 333: The Beginning – I don’t think any of my weird little projects generated as many comments from my blog readers online and in person as this one did. Just so you know, I’m still going strong with 33 items in my wardrobe, switched out every 3 months. My section of the closet is now about one-quarter of it, and I never feel deprived. Also, after Christmas, I lounged on the couch instead of hitting the sales, secure in the knowledge that my wardrobe is complete. It was wondrous.

Weekend One-liners (Poop Joke Edition) – Who doesn’t love a good poop joke?

The Stoplight Kiss – A sweet story of romance, brought to you by my morning commute.

To The Man Next to Me at the Stoplight Yesterday – A less sweet story of horrid underwear and traumatized fellow motorists, brought to you by my evening commute.

I’ll be back soon! ‘Til then, be excellent to each other, would you please?