Clutterfat Challenge

I know some of you have been following my Project 333 adventure and the other decluttering projects I have going on around here. If you’re interested in joining me in a clutter challenge of your own, there’s one starting up right now called the Clutterfat Challenge.

From Courtney of Project 333:

Big change can come with big reservations, guilt about past behaviors and trouble finding the perfect place to start. If you want to finally live a clutter-free life, Leo Babauta and I invite you dump the guilt, planning and excuses and join the 30 day Clutterfat Challenge.

How to get started:

  • Read the Welcome Page
  • Register  for free
  • Use our clutterfat inventory recommendations and start counting your stuff, room by room.
  • Add your starting clutterfat number and images
  • Declutter by selling, donating and trashing your stuff
  • Add your final clutterfat number and images

That’s it! Decluttering can be an monumental task, so we want to keep the challenge as simple as possible. In the beginning of February, we’ll feature some of the best Clutterfat transformations.

I’m planning to do this myself (you know, get a good start on those resolutions), so keep an eye out for my total beginning number of things, and my before pictures (which should be good for a laugh… or maybe a cry).