How Could a Week With The Bachelor In It Be Bad?

The Bachelor returned to TV this week, rather triumphantly, I thought. So, because of that, and because of my continually very, very low standards, it’s been a good week. Thanks, life.

Here’s some stuff you might have missed this week, if you weren’t following me around all slobbery and devoted.

What I Wrote

I’ve been a busy little so-and-so this week.

I made resolutions, despite my attempts not to. But they’re kind of easy, cop-out resolutions– don’t worry.

On, I pulled together a round-up of other authors’ resolutions.

Also, I told you about the Clutterfat Challenge. Now if only real fat were as easy to get rid of as clutterfat. Good Will has a leetle problem if you drive up and offer your fat to donate, though.

And, in the biggest news of the week, I launched a new site! Pintester is a site mostly devoted to me messing up stuff that people post on Pinterest. I, of course, think it’s hilarious, plus I use the f-word a lot and am completely inappropriate in every post, so there’s that. Check it out!

Day Job

And, then, there’s the day job blog, where I wrote (um, well, intro’d anyway) a post on Coolibar’s purchase path. Ah, online testing dorkiness.

Shameless Plugs

What’s almost as awesome as celebrity name poop jokes? Famous books with product placement in them. You’re welcome.

Other Crap

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