Calling In Sick

I was sick all week, but I couldn’t call in sick to work, so I called in sick to this blog. Sorry about that, dudes. I spent my blogging time doped up on Nyquil staring at Ally McBeal episodes and crying into my herbal tea for the plight of the young, beautiful, rich, single Bostonian lawyers.

But I did other stuff– just not here.

What I Wrote

On, I gave a run-down of upcoming romance events in the Triangle area. You’re too late for the January 14th event, but you can still catch the rest of them.

On Pintester, I tested buttons-on-bobby-pins, which was actually kind of cute. I was disappointed. I also tested making an infinity scarf out of a t-shirt. That one was pleasingly stupid-looking.

Shameless Plugs

Via Skye, I discovered that sitting on an exercise ball at your desk actually does nothing for your posture or core. I’ll probably keep doing it anyway, because it makes me think of this:

Day Job

My company launched a statistical significance calculator, which is awesome if you’re into A/B testing and you’re a nerd. Also, we audited Discover’s index page.

Additionally, we moved out of our current office space and into our new office space… sort of. The contractors are still building everything out upstairs, so we’re working from home and in a temporary conference room space for a couple weeks. I can’t decide which is noisier– construction upstairs at the new office, or the dog barking here at home.

Other Crap

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