An Actual Closet Redo (Finally)

The closet in the master bedroom was a little bit of a mess when we moved in, but not a big enough mess that we couldn’t hang clothes in it. So we hung clothes in it. Oh, I rearranged things a few times, but it mostly stayed the same after that. That was in 2005. I’ll give you a minute to do the math. Last weekend, we decided to do something about it.

Here’s what the closet looked like when we started:

Not the worst closet in the world, I grant you, but not the best either. I was working with one rack all the way around the top with one shelf above it. Three fourths of the clothes are my husband’s clothes. I don’t have much since I pared down.

The thing that really bothered me in there were the walls. They had shoddy patching of a bunch of holes from what I guess used to be a second level of hanging shelves. Not easy to see with the clothes in it, but still, an eyesore.

Now, I will tell you, there are many, many options for redoing closets. Most of them are very, very expensive. I am, if not cheap, at least budgetarily conscious, and while I really like, say, the Elfa system, I wasn’t willing to dish out the money for it. But I only came to this conclusion after years of off-and-on closet redo planning with every floorplan tool imaginable.

In the end, we decided to go with an Allen + Roth wood closet kit. I actually really like the look of these. There’s no track system like on the Elfa stuff (and lots of other options, like ClosetMaid), and I actually kind of like that because I don’t really like the look of tracks on the walls. It’s not as versatile, though, so you have to keep that in mind. You also have to be pretty handy to install one as it involves making cuts with a table saw.

I am notoriously not handy, so I wouldn’t have attempted installing this myself, even for the potential Pintester post. Not worth it. But, my husband was willing to tackle the task.

First, he took everything down, filled in all the holes (heh heh), and painted it a nice pale yellow (same color as our garage, because we had some extra paint). Then he measured and cut shelves and hanging rods and installed everything. It took two full weekends and some weeknights, but we’re done!

I’m super pleased with how this turned out. It looks much higher quality than what I was expecting for the price, and it works really well for the way we use our closet. We also took the opportunity to do a lot of paring down (not-so-much for me on clothes, since mine were pretty much at the minimum already), so we didn’t put nearly as much back in here as we had in here originally.

I’m proud of my canvas basket find:

These came from Target and they’re ginormous. Much bigger than the ClosetMaid ones, and they were on clearance at Target today for $6.99 a piece, same price as the ClosetMaid ones. Yay!

Here’s a better view of the middle tower.

We bought an extra set of shoe cubbies than what it came with. We’re shoe people.

This is my side.

Our closet’s a little weird-shaped, but the sides give just enough room for a little extra shelving and short hanging stuff.

And, here’s his side, newly sorted and purged.

So glad my stuff’s not spread out all over the bedroom floor anymore and that this is one project we can check off the Someday list.