Top 10 Reasons You Should Come See Iolanthe

If you have been ignoring everything I say, tweet, Facebook post, pin, or blog for the past 3 months, there’s a small possibility that you may not know that I’m part of the chorus for this year’s Durham Savoyards production of Iolanthe (pronounced eye-oh-lahn-thee, if you were curious). If you live in the Durham-ish area, I would love for you to come see the show! And here are the reasons why you should:

10. It’s at the Carolina Theatre, a fun, historic venue in a cool part of downtown Durham, near lots of great restaurants and a big parking deck. It’s also newly renovated, so even if you’ve been there before, you’re in for a brand new treat. It looks amazing! New sound system, too!

9. You can choose from 4 different dates! The show runs Thursday (tonight!), Friday, and Saturday nights at 8:00 p.m. and Sunday at 2:00 p.m.

8. Tickets start at $10– that’s about the price of a movie! And if you’re gonna sit your butt down in a dark room and watch something, it might as well be a live orchestra and a stage full of brilliant actors, right?

7. The music is gorgeous. You don’t have to be familiar with opera, Gilbert & Sullivan, or really music in general to be able to appreciate it. I think the overture at the beginning is already worth the price of admission– it’s beautiful!

6. Steam! Punk! Fairies! (And I am one.)

5. It’s family friendly! There is a whole number choreographed especially with the kids in mind… see if you can figure out which one! (Hint: It involves butts.)

4. Multiple kick lines. I am not kidding.

3. You will feel terribly guilty if you don’t come because I have been working so hard. I haven’t been home for more than an hour a day when I am not unconscious for the past 3 days. Also, if you wait around in the lobby after the show, I will come out and talk to you and thank you profusely for coming to the show, and you will miss that if you don’t come.

2. For the grown-ups, the play is a political satire, all about the silliness of politics (and politicians), the power of love, and the right to marry whomever you please. Yes, it’s an old operetta, but it actually holds up really well!

1. It’s gonna be awesome! The orchestra is fantastic, the costumes are gorgeous, the lead actors are freaking amazing, and I promise you’ll love it.

  • Lilly Gayle

    Oh, this sounds incredibly fun! The last time my husband was paying attention when I told him I wanted to see a live play or musical, he surprised me for my 35th birthday and took me (and both girls who were little then) to the Raleigh Little Theater with my sister, her family, a friend and her family. The show was….wait for it….The Emperor’s New Clothes. lol!  The children loved it and I loved my husband for actually paying attention. And, the show was so cute, I enjoyed watching my girls watch it. And, I have a b-day coming up. Maybe I can talk hubby into trying for some culture one more time. No surprises this time. lol! Thanks for sharing!!

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