Different Busy

Dudes, Iolanthe was a-freakin’-mazing. If you missed it, I’m sorry for you. Now that it’s over, my evenings have been filled with… well, I managed to fill them somehow. There was Easter music to learn and movies to watch and laundry to do and Day Job open houses to be hosted. So it’s not that I’m less busy now, just different busy, I guess.

Me as a fairy with feathers in Iolanthe

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

What I Wrote

I guess it’s moot now, but here are the top 10 reasons you should have come to see Iolanthe.

I made myself an Orange Julius and drank it out of the cup of Christ, for real.

And, for Easter, our resurrected savior’s name was taken in vain during the creation of deviled chicks.

What I Watched

Morning Glory— I thought I had seen Harrison Ford do a great old grouchy guy before. After all, I’ve seen Cowboys & Aliens. But herein he plays the best old grouchy guy ever. Super cute movie.

The Pirates of Penzance (the Kevin Kline version)– Holy 1980s. Kevin Kline was good. Skip the rest.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead— I ate a bag of Doritos while I watched this. Is that wrong? Anyway, I was not inspired to go buy a juicer and drink my meals for the next 60 days, but the story was good.

Real Steel— It was all I hoped it could be, which– let’s be honest– wasn’t much. But hey, Hugh Jackman and robots. It’s gotta be ok, right?

The Muppets— This one suffered from my very high hopes and my grouchiness the night I watched it. I didn’t like it. Mostly because it felt like the dumbest parts of Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Enchanted (both of which I liked, by the way) mooshed together in one entirely forgettable Muppet experience. Meh.

Footloose— As good as the original, maybe better. It stuck pretty close to the original story, just updated for the times, mostly. I liked the decisions they made with it, and Willard was just as lovable this time around.

Day Job

I wrote this.

Other Crap

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