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Y’all, I’m in New York, and this place cray. This is only my second time ever in New York, and I have to tell you, I don’t remember it being quite this cool. It’s sort of like the stinky underbelly of Disneyland for grown ups, except with more taxis. (I don’t care how many taxis you think are here. There are more.)

Imma have to get back to you on all the New York goodness, though, because I have places to see. If you must have more from me, I suggest reading the below and clicking all the links.

So here’s what I’ve been up to:

What I wrote:

If you haven’t heard the saga of the fractured foot, you are probably the only one on the planet (because you don’t get sympathy unless you TELL people your foot is broken), but here it is.

I made a strawberries and cream mug cake. Yes, a mug cake. No, it’s actually WORSE than it sounds.

I also did some mixology magic to make a Martha Stewart pink salty dog. Guess how that turned out. Go on, guess.

Then I gave you all my best packing tips, in honor of this here trip to the big apple.

On Teh Internets featured my strawberry asscakes v 2.0 on their NAILED IT section. That means I’m internet famous, y’all.

I also got some anonymous internet hate. I freaking live on that stuff.

What I Read

Beautiful Demons (Peachville High Demons #1) by Sarra Cannon – I read this in one day because I was so enthralled with it. Excellent story, intriguing premise. My only complaint? It ended too quick! I need more!

What I Watched

Last of the Dogmen – I had never seen this one before, and, despite the abysmally-bad-at-times script, it was not terrible. There was a dog, so that helped.

Benny and Joon – I think I was supposed to love Johnny Depp in this, but dude, Benny had it goin’ on.

Hugo – I thought it was sweet and beautiful. The other member of my viewing party thought it was boring and weird. I guess there’s no accounting for taste.

The Notebook – I am a Nicholas Sparks hater– teary overwrought tragedies are not my thing. But for some reason, I thought the movie might be better than the book. I was wrong. Same over-emotional, cheap-trick crap meant solely to make you cry. Spoiler: everybody dies. Blech.

Other Crap

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  • Sarra Cannon

    Sweet! I love NYC. I’m jealous of all the fun I’m sure you’re having. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Thanks for the shout-out with my book, too! So cool.

  • Kate George

    now I’ve got New York Jealousy!