Back on My Feet (Har)

I feel that I should tell you I am wearing high heels today for the first time since Easter because my foot is healed!

Evidence of shoe-wearing:

Evidence of foot healing:

I haven’t really accomplished much else this week, but dudes, my foot was broken and healed itself. How freaking awesome is that? Good job, foot. Good job, me.

Here’s all the other stuff that’s been going on:

What I Wrote

I tested one of the most popular tests on Pinterest, the popsicle stick bracelet. This won me a snarky comment from the original inventer of the popsicle stick bracelet, accusing me of doing things half-assed. What? Me? Never.

I made some wine jello shots which were surprisingly not that gross. However, they were too scary-looking for anyone at work to eat, and that’s saying something. Those guys will eat anything.

I also tested out the clementine candle. Eh, sort of. With a navel orange. And then Michelle’s comment on that post made me giggle-snort.

Have you guys seen that really scary social media marketing infographic that’s been going around? If you haven’t, it’s in this post I wrote on wherein I tell you to take a chill pill and stop panicking. This is a scare tactic. Social media is not going to get you. I promise.

On Teh Internets

My redid closet made it into this post on The Household Helper as one of the inspiration closets. Win! See, sometimes stuff I do (or make someone else in my household do for me) turns out ok.

What I Watched

Carolina – Netflix told me I’d probably give this one 3.5 stars so I gave it a go. I actually gave it 1 star, because I couldn’t give it 0. It was a complete mess. Horrible pacing, horrible acting, horrible story-telling. Also, Cousin Eddie is in it, playing pretty much Cousin Eddie. It’s weird.

Other Crap

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  • Lilly Gayle

    I saw the snarky comment and I must say, you handle it so graciously, she then claimed “no offense taken.” Hmm. Apparently some was taken, hence the snark. lol! So glad your fracture at the  distal 5th metarsal bone healed so nicely. 😉

    • Uh, it was the 2nd metatarsal, duh, Lilly. 😉 (I have no idea what any of this means…)

  • Cheri

    Them’s some Mad Men pumps right there!