Loud Banging (Not THAT Kind)

At the office today, there’s some construction going on, and this afternoon, the noise has turned in to a periodic, unpredictable loud BANG– just one bang at a time. This is not funny. It’s aggravating, actually. What’s funny is that every time there is a bang, immediately following, there is a loud sigh, or a hellacious swear word, or a general “argh” from a different person each time. (I’m one of the hellacious swear word people, in case you couldn’t guess.)

Anyway, that’s my story of loud banging for today. Sorry if you were expecting something a little spicier.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

What I Wrote

I posted The Paloma on Pintester, which got a bit warmer reception there than it did from its original spot on CraftFail. I guess the Pintester readers are kinder and gentler. Unexpected, but I’ll take it.

I made no-bake energy bites. They looked gross, but they were a big hit. Everyone liked them. My 1-year-old niece– who was refusing to eat anything because she’d had a taste of chocolate and only chocolate would then do– even liked them.

I also tried a facial mask. I am still suffering the consequences.

On Teh Internets

Frozen yogurt dots are deceptively hard to make properly. Definitely a CraftFail.

Also Pintester got a sweet, sweet plug (stop it) on WTFPinterest’s headache cure post.

What I Read

A Lady Never Surrenders (Hellions of Halstead Hall #5) by Sabrina Jeffries – Loved it! This is the concluding book in the Hellions of Halstead Hall series, and it was a blast! Celia was always the most intriguing sibling to me, and Jeffries didn’t disappoint in her treatment of the character and the story. I was unsure about the hero at the start, but he won me over, too. Great story! Great conclusion to the series!

What I Watched

The Avengers – As good as you heard it was. I promise. See it.

The Accidental Husband – Really cute. Reminded me a lot of The Truth About Cats & Dogs (mostly because of Uma Thurman), but I think I actually liked this one better. Also, Colin Firth. Need I say more?

Other Crap

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  • andrisbear

    Heading over to Pintester now. 🙂

  • Aww, CraftFail just isn’t ready for your jelly. 🙂 I love your posts – and that’s all that counts!

    • I wasn’t sulking, Heather, don’t worry! I just thought it was interesting the different receptions I got at both places. I fully realize that screwing stuff up for fun is not everyone’s cup o’ tea. 😉