Funk Wrestling

It’s been a troubling week for me– not for any major reason, but just because I am in one of my (many) funks. When I am in one of these funks, I try very hard not to drag other people into the funk with me (although how fun would funk wrestling be?), and it takes a whole lot of energy. So, to those of you who have seen me walking around in a zombie-like state this week, there is my explanation.

To rectify (heh, rectify) this unfavorable state of being, I plan to drink a lot of wine, read some books, and organize something this weekend. Shut up. Organizing makes me feel better. It’s less disturbing than many a vice I could have.

I might post pictures Monday, but in the meantime, here’s what I’ve been up to:

What I Wrote

Frozen yogurt dots came to my blog, and then like 100 people pinned it and I got lots of traffic and cried happy tears of nerdy blogjoy.

I made a basil grande without basil in it. But you ingredient nazis can leave me alone, because I don’t think the basil would have improved it much.

I had a little bit of a crisis of faith in the tone of Pintester (specifically, really swear-y and crass) and put up an f-bomb poll. You can still respond to the poll, but I have pretty much decided that I am right and anyone who doesn’t like it can get the eff out. (Notice I didn’t drop the bomb here. See, I understand tone differences and appropriateness. Nyeh.)

My pedicure experiment from last June has found a new audience to tell me how weird it is. Yes, it’s weird. I still like it. (After all, I like all’a yous, and you’re weird, too.)

Annnnd, here on my blog, I gave recommendations on what to read this summer if you’d rather not feel like drowning yourself in the nearest body of water when you’re done. Happiness abounds.

On Teh Internets

In grand tradition, my German pancakes post on CraftFail got comments from people implying vaguely that I can’t possibly be this inept and must be faking these mess-ups. This does not hurt my feelings at all, partly because it happens all the time both on CraftFail and Pintester, but also because it means that people don’t really believe I can possibly be so craft impaired. I am willing to let people believe that.

What I Read

More Than a Stranger (Sealed With a Kiss #1) by Erin Knightley– Well done! Loved this debut novel from Erin Knightley. The relationship between the hero and heroine was really relatable and poignant to me. The banter had me laughing out loud. I loved Evie and her family, and I’m excited to see they’ll feature in her upcoming second novel as well! GREAT read, can’t wait to see more!

Other Crap

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  • I’m a funk wrestler too. We should get together…

  • Michelle

    Funk wrestling sounds awesome. Especially with this group. I think we’d have some seriously crazy cool funks rolling around. And lots of giggling.

    I’ve been in a funk, too, and can hardly believe that it kept me from catching frozen yogurt dots and f-bomb polls. That funk is going down for this!

  • Michelle

    Oh, and with respect to curse words, my friend’s dad used to say, “Know your audience.” I think you do.

  • TinaBKC

    YOU are hysterical! And genius! Your blogs/books…..Pintester, epic! Keep it up….you’ll make millions!

    • Here’s hoping. 🙂 Thanks Tina!