Oh. My. God. You guys, Pintester asploded last week… and I mean that in the best possible way you can mean asploded… Ok, second-best.

I have gotten so far: a tongue-in-cheek proposal of marriage, a request from a woman to allow her to adopt me as her daughter, and totally not-tongue-in-cheek (I think…) asked out on a date– not to mention innumerable very nice tweets and pins and Facebook wall posts. And many people telling me that I made them pee or cry or shit themselves from laughing too hard. (You people should get that checked, probably.)

I am overwhelmed and giddy and all that stuff, and I thank you, readers for sticking with me and sharing and reading and telling me you think I’m funny, in an actual ha-ha way rather than an unfortunate way (mostly). It made me cry happy tears numerous times (although I did not pee or shit myself, sorry).

Anyways, here’s what’s been going on in my life.

What I Wrote

You guys know I get excited about no-sew stuff. (No-bake, no-measure, no-exert-effort, etc.) So I was kind of psyched about the no-sew pillow cover. Womp womp.

Ryan Gosling came by Pintester to endorse it. Ok, not really. But I pretended.

Also, mini German pancakes came to the blog.

On Teh Internets

Just when I thought my week couldn’t be any better because I was drowning in site traffic and getting all kinds of nice comments, Reinventing Fabulous said nice stuff about me and linked to me! If you don’t know about this blog (why not?), it’s written by Jenny, Krissie, and Lani, as in Jennifer Crusie, Anne Stuart, and Lani Diane Rich. [insert fan-girl squee here]

What I Read

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield – I actually picked this up because someone told me I was sort of like the Tucker Max of crafting, except less douchey and prettier. I had never heard of Tucker Max before, so I found him on the internets. Don’t click this if you are easily offended. He is, indeed, a douche-bag, but also a pretty smart marketer. And he recommended this book, so I read it. Short read, but very helpful and inspiring. If you’re a writer, I definitely recommend this one, particularly the middle section about acting like a professional.

Other Crap

If you want to keep up with me on a minute by minute basis and just can’t wait to find out what the next piece of gray matter I toss up on the Internets will be, you can follow me on TwitterGoogle+, and Pinterest.

  • Lora

    OF COURSE WE LIKE YOU! You’re awesome like that.

  • Stephanie Schmid

    My God. Do you read Regretsy? If you and Helen Killer were to team up on anything the writing would be so outstandingly hilarious that I would cry, pee, and crap myself ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Thanks for the regular laughs!