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Guys, this week, the BlogHer 2012 Conference is going on without me, and this makes me sad. So I’m entering to win a pass to BlogHer 2013. (Official disclosure and stuff: I am receiving a sweepstakes entry in exchange for this blog post.)

I’m kind of a conference whore, but I haven’t been to a non-marketing-related conference in years. It’s not that the marketing ones are bad, but the writing and blogging ones are badass. I missed RWA this year, too, but next year it’s in Atlanta, which I can spit and hit from here.

(I just searched for like an hour for the picture of me and Skye jumping on the bed at one of the conferences we went to together, but alas, it could not be found. You will have to instead settle for my poor photography skills from the train ride we took in Dallas on the way to a conference.)

Here’s what else is going on in mah life, y’all.

What I Wrote

I ripped out the hairs on my leg by the follicle, and then wrote a blog post about it.

I made beer crockpot chicken, which is less of a party than it sounds like it is.

Corn dog mini muffins came to Pintester, after first appearing on CraftFail.

I played with my hair. Things did not go well.

The Dandy Lion is not a fancy men’s suit. It is, in fact, a cocktail. An assy one.

Also, Captain Picard is annoyed. About Mod Podge.

On Teh Internets

On CraftFail, thumbprint peanut butter cookies look more like turds with jelly on them. But, hey, I made cookies.

I got mentioned in a Huffington Post blog post, which is totally awesome! Getting on HuffPo has been on my big hairy goal list for a while, and I’m still pulling for a feature article, but this is awesome!

What I Watched

Mirror Mirror – Maybe I was just in a bad mood when I watched this, but I thought it was stupid. Extremely stupid. The costumes were pretty. But the script was… well… stupid. Honestly I should write screenplays. Wait

Everything Must Go – Quiet movie wherein Will Ferrell never once bellows unintelligible things at the top of his lungs. Mom and I watched this together and decided that comedians make good drama leads, too, because they have to really know people in order to make them laugh– it’s often easier to make someone cry than to make them laugh. Will Ferrell, apparently, can do both. I recommend this one. It had sad parts, but if you watch it through to the end, I think you’ll feel pretty good about life.

Other Crap

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  • Heh. So glad you found THAT photo. 🙂

  • Joanna

    Maybe you should apply for a job writing for HuffPo. You write a lot better than that chick. Like hella better. Totes.