Bahama Mama

Hurricane Isaac and I are both headed to the Bahamas tomorrow. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Seriously, though, I’m really looking forward to getting away for a little while, even though I’m sort of freaking out a little because it will be my first time on vacation without internet when I’m actually running my own business and I keep having to pause and breathe into paper bags. Pintester will be ok without me for one week. Right? Just smile and nod.

What I Wrote

You can whiten your toenails with toothpaste. You know, if you want.

I had my first for-real no-excuses pin win and it tasted like joy.

My ombre nails looked more like I was trying to cover up unsightly bruises.

I apologized for f’ing up my Twitter feed.

I made cookies when I was drunk. It turned out about like you’d expect.

This post contains blackheads. Read at your own risk.

I baked eggs. They didn’t suck.

There are some things even I would not craft.

The first ever Pintester video debuted this week! It’s awesomely gross.

Want some Olive Garden pasta Alfredo? Are you sure about that?

When you are sickie and ickie you need a quickie of whiskie.

On Teh Internets

On CraftFail, I showed you my homemade self tanner. You can go ahead and take a guess about how that turned out.

My Project 333 article from way back when was featured on the actual Project 333 site! Cool beans!

I got my picture took by Jessica Arden Photography and it was so much fun. To see the fun-ness, check it out on Facebook.

And why, you may be wondering, did I need my picture took? Because I was in an Associated Press article! It got picked up on The Washington Post and ABC News, among many others. So cool!

Other Crap

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