Are any of you in the mood for a roadtrip? Because I’m going to the NCMA Pinup tomorrow night in my first kinda-sorta official Pintester outing (not speaking or anything– just participating) and it sure would be nice if someone would scream, “OH MY GOD YOU’RE THE PINTESTER!” and run up to me all excited-like so I won’t have to stand in the corner blushing furiously and slurping down 18 glasses of wine all by myself. Just sayin’.

Also, I forgot to mention in my last post that I am now an agented author. How cool is that shit? Yes, I have been talking to my new agent (squee- Courtney Miller-Callihan) about book proposals and things and I feel way official now.

Here’s what else is new(ish) with me:

What I Wrote

The most interesting man in the world said hi on Pintester.

I took a vacation without Internets and everything. I only thought about the fact that I didn’t have Internet about half the time.

My mom’s kitchen made it to the blog. I’m sure she’s so proud.

I made a home-made self-tanner. Guess how that went.

This pin-test involved saran wrap and my thighs.

Kool-Aid lip stain works on your tongue, too.

I tried, once again, to remove my blackheads. Spoiler alert: They’re still there.

I tried to escape from zip-tie handcuffs. When that didn’t work, I just danced.

I made copycat Chick-fil-A nuggets. (I smell shitstorm!)

We told the ocean to step the eff off.

Man-pleasing chicken, where have you been all my life?

My bra is broke.

On Teh Internets

I was the featured blogger at BlogAds, which basically meant I was the queen of their blog for the day. Awesome.

Updated my mailing list here at to MailChimp. If you’re interested, sign up! (If you were already signed up either for the blog updates or the very irregular newsletters, you’re still signed up.)

What I Read

The Reforming of Matthew Dunn by Virginia Kantra – Loved it! Great story with some exciting suspense and action, and Virginia’s characters are always jump-off-the-page amazing. Plus there’s a dog. Love!

Once Upon a Ballroom by Caroline Linden, Katharine Ashe, Maya Rodale, Miranda Neville – Full of really wonderful short stories and excerpts! Had lots of fun reading these.

Burgundy and Lies by Carol A. Strickland – What a great, non-traditional romance. I loved everything about it. The story was fun and unique, the characters were lovable, and the setting was expertly conveyed. If you’re looking for a romance set in a different time and place than you’re used to, definitely pick this one up!

A Better Man by Emilie Rose – Great story! Loved the sweet reunion romance between the two main characters– reunion stories are my favorite anyway, and this one was definitely right up my alley. Well-written, expertly characterized, and great, satisfying ending!

A Kiss at Midnight (Fairy Tales #1) by Eloisa James – Loved it! It’s been a while since I read a romance between two people that just made me ACHE for them to be together. History buffs take note, though: this is a fairy tale, so not strictly set in the Regency. Didn’t bother me in the least, although I did notice it. Great, fantastic, read it!

What I Watched

Moneyball – Moved pretty slow, but the characters were good and the story was a lot of fun. If you’re scared about it being a baseball movie, you don’t really need to be. You’ll get it even if you don’t get baseball. If you like baseball (and if you liked baseball in the nineties), you’ll like it even more!

Note by Note: The Making of Steinway L1037 – You’d probably have to be in the right mood for this, but I really enjoyed it. You don’t have to be a pianist to enjoy it. (I’m certainly not.)

Other Crap

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  • I love watching you move up in the world. An agent! That’s amazeballs

  • lora96

    An agent SQUEEE. also i would have loved to be your fawning fangirl at your appearance. damn the distance.