Potty Talk

I should have written this post much earlier today, but I kept getting distracted, and most of all by this video for the Squatty Potty. These guys bought an ad over at Pintester and I’ve been mesmerized ever since. Take a few moments of you-time and watch their promo video now.

Right? Right? I love that there are little pooty ploop sound effects, so they’re obviously not taking themselves too seriously, but there’s this lovely calming music as if to say, “Treat your rectum gently. We’ll help.”

Anyway, that’s my weird Internet find of the day. See if you can poop without thinking about that ever again.

Here’s what else has been up lately:

What I Wrote

I told the sad, sad story of the kitty jack-o-lantern.

We all thought hard about life.

I tried out eyes in the bushes, and they didn’t suck too much.

I announced the winner of the forum contest, plus shared a whole bunch of funny comments from the week.

And (I’m excited about this one), I put up a special Halloween video first-ever-episode of COCKnails.

On Teh Internets

This super cute blog did a Pinterest spoof blogs post and cartoon me is in it!

I reached 10,000 likes on Facebook, and still counting! Woohoo! Thanks everyone!

Other Crap

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  • Hahaha…I love how someone sat down (I won’t make any assumptions as to *where*) one day and said…”pooping- how can we improve it?”