Five Things Not to Say to a Professional Blogger

I came across this today on Facebook, and I immediately started thinking about all the ways this applies to professional bloggers, too. (I am a professional blogger, lest you stick your foot in your mouth.)

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And so I do now humbly submit my version, Five Things Not to Say to a Professional Blogger:

Here’s what’s been going on in my bloggy little life this week:

What I Wrote

I tried out some Homemade Facial Chemical Peels. (YOLO LOL.)

I made a 2 Ingredient Apple Pie Cake and had a spirited debate about whether or not water counts as an ingredient.

I did a Q&A video with lots of swears and an anxious puppy dog wandering around and making noise in the background.

I made cake out of cake mix and diet soda. It was less horrid than it sounds.

On Teh Internets

CraftFail got all meta and posted a craft fail of my craft fail. What the what?

Other Crap

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