I’ve been thinking about bones lately.

Ok, haha, make your bone/boner/boned jokes, and then come back here when you’ve gotten it out of your system.

First I started reading Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg. There’s a lot of wackadoo stuff in there, but you know, there’s a lot of good stuff, too. It’s about really getting to the core of writing– the bones of writing– without worrying about all that stuff that happens other than writing (rule-making, editing, censoring, marketing, blah blah).

And then I was listening to the Sex Nerd Sandra podcast (ah-mazing) and their guest Jaiya Ma was talking about touching bones (I know it’s a sex podcast, but not that bone) and how stress-relieving it can be to touch someone that way.

And I got out my journal and wrote a snippet of a thing, without meaning to publish it anywhere– and that hasn’t happened in a long time. It’s about touching and bones (not like that) and emotional touches, too, I think.

Sometimes everything you’re reading and hearing and doing comes together and it’s just a really cool thing.

Anyway. Bones. That’s what I’m on this week.

Here’s what else I’ve been up to:

What I Wrote

I taught you how to get even on Pintester. I’m giving like that.

There’s a holiday video episode of Cocknails up, and also a poll on how you feel about videos.

And, if you’re looking to ruin all of your dental work in one fell swoop, you should make this microwave caramel and then attempt to eat some of it.

On Teh Internets put us on their list. Not sure if I should be flattered by that or not.

What I Watched

Super 8 – Spielburgy. Not my favorite thing ever, but it had lots of good things and you probably should see it just because it’s Spielburgy.

The Artist – Loved it. Even though I had to get my glasses out to watch it. (I have to have my glasses for anything that’s subtitled or black and white. This was sort of both.) I thought the “silent movie” thing would be annoying, but amazingly, most stuff came across without even needing the dialogue titles. Funny, touching, and really well done.

Other Crap

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