Coming in 2013

So far this year, I have:

  • Failed to put away my Christmas decorations
  • Rearranged the living room in anticipation of the giant TV we will have someday in the future
  • Exercised twice, thankyouverymuch
  • Mailed a bunch of crap at the post office
  • Come up with eleventy billion ideas about what to do in 2013 online and elswhere

But today I have nothing really concrete to share with you. I’m working on coming up with my own Happiness Project for 2013, so I’m doing that instead of resolutions this year.

You guys know I love a good project. I’ve done 30 Before 30, Project 333, and I’m always working on my Impossible List. So the Happiness Project will be the next great thing, I hope. If you want to join me in my project, please do!

Anyway, herre’s what’s been going on this week, other than the standard New Year stuff:

What I Wrote

I recapped the most popular posts of 2012 for you. Chick-fil-a nuggets didn’t make the list, based on traffic, but everyone still likes that one… Well, not everyone.

Then for my New Year’s celebration I made Champagne jello shots. They were sort of like my New Year’s day: not bad, but totally looked like crap. (I wore my jammies all day and didn’t shower.)

If one of your resolutions is to be less disgusting, I also tested washing your make-up brushes. Mine were revolting.

On Teh Internets

Nominations for the 2013 Bloggies are open! Now, I know you are a blog reader or you wouldn’t be here, and I know many a blogger who would love to be nominated. If you would, please do take a few minutes and nominate your favorites. And if Pintester happens to be one of them, I’d be thrilled!

Over on CraftFail, I tested out giant bubbles. I had less luck with them than my niece and nephew, to whom I bequeathed the remaining bubble formula. They had lots of fun with it.

I got an Honorable Mention in this article on the top 10 most influential people on Pinterest in 2012. I will have to work harder in 2013, I guess.

What I Watched

Moonrise Kingdom – We watched maybe ten minutes of this before Robbie turned to me and went, “Is this shit nominated for an Oscar or something?” Guilty as charged. Very weird, vaguely disturbing, but sort of cute and likable.

Other Crap

If you want to keep up with me on a minute by minute basis and just can’t wait to find out what the next piece of gray matter I toss up on the Internets will be, you can follow me on TwitterFacebookPinterest, and Tumblr. (I try to post different stuff in all these places, so you won’t get inundated with the exact same thing if you follow all of them.)

  • I have been working through Leonie Dawson’s Create Your Incredible Year workbook (slowly), but once I find my copy of The Happiness Project, I’ll re-read and join in with you. Maybe that’ll be before my birthday (a natural new-year-start if ever there was one).

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