Yay Movies!

So by this week I was hoping to have my Happiness Project all written out and ready to share with you. That’s not going to happen, because lots of other awesome things have been going on this week, and I pushed off the Happiness Project planning to get that stuff done instead.

Also, I threw out my back and I’m totally feeling like an old fogey right now, and doing the most minimal amount of everything ever (which is not that minimal because, you know, I still needed, like, clean laundry and food and stuff). So I watched a lot of movies this week and ate a lot of popcorn and cereal and other sinful, horrible foods. And watched The Avengers more times than any reasonable person would in two weeks’ time. Whatever, I’m a grown-up. Maybe I’ll watch it again tomorrow, because I can. So there.


Anyway, here’s what else has been going on:

What I Wrote

I made some veggie laksa soup and was then accused of being a racist because I said that Asian food makes me feel zen. Perhaps I need sensitivity training.

Actual Advice Mallard stopped by the blog, too, because he wanted to hang out with all the people in the comments who have no sense of humor and want me to follow all of the directions exactly every time.

Also, my house was a little stanky (I think), so I made my own carpet powder. Now it smells like eucalyptus dog farts, so an improvement, I guess.

I posted some of my favorite comments from the week and made another dog-anus joke, because there can never be too many.

For my last trick, I made marshmallow caramel popcorn, which later turned into a cement which is, even now, soaking in my sink because I was afraid I was going to break my bamboo spoon trying to scrape it out of the bowl.

On Teh Internets

Nominations for the 2013 Bloggies are open! Subtle is not really my thing, so I’m just going to tell you that I kind of want to win. So, please, go nominate Pintester because you love me and you want me to be happy.

I also got this cool write-up wherein the journalist pokes not-so-vague fun at me for being a romance novelist, which I am completely thrilled about, because, you guys, it does take talent to come up with new and interesting ways to talk about intercourse. Seriously.

What I Watched

Les Miserables – (Just put in the accent thingies where they go. I’m too tired to think about it.) I went to see this with my informal oogling-Hugh-Jackman movie club girls, and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. I must warn you (the maybe 10 of you who haven’t seen this already) that Hugh Jackman is not all beef-caked out in this thing. He spends a good portion of the movie beardy and gnarly-toothed. But the movie itself was really good, if heartbreaking. Don’t go in thinking you’re not gonna cry. I mean, I’m kind of a weeper anyway, but usually not in public at the movies. Yeah. 20 minutes in and I was one big bawling snot-bubble. So maybe not such a great first date movie, unless you have the ability not to ugly-cry.

Looper – Meh. I enjoyed it while I was watching it, but I only watched it less than 24 hours ago and I have mostly forgotten everything about it, so it obviously didn’t make that much of an impact on me. On a positive note, if you are always getting pissed at time-travel movies because they bend your brain too much, I think you will be able to keep up with this one. Probably one of the most straight-forward treatments of time-travel I’ve seen. (Making a tough concept like that straight-forward looks effortless, but it’s not, so props to the movie-makers for that.)

Jiro Dreams of Sushi – We’re going to call this part of my sensitivity training, I guess. This was a documentary completely in Japanese with subtitles, so be prepared for eyeball strain. Totally worth it, though. Super interesting and well-done, especially if eating sushi makes you feel all zen… Aw hell, I did it again, didn’t I?

How to Survive a Plague – This pissed me off, righteously, but it was supposed to. Even going in knowing how things eventually turned out, this was a gut-wrenching documentary detailing how the AIDS epidemic struck, and the disgusting response (or non-response) it received from much of the world. Happy ending, though, because some awesome people fought hard for it and won.

Butter – Perhaps the only Hugh Jackman movie I hadn’t seen yet. Super cute and funny and wacky and touching. Loved it. (Not a romantic comedy, though, in case you wondered.)

The Bachelor – It’s back, it’s back! And I am having a blast. Also, there’s a goofy girl on this season that managed not to get sent home the first night. Do it, girl, in your wedding dress and err’thing.

Other Crap

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