The Happiness Project!

So, last night I watched Happy on Netflix and, ironically, cried through almost the whole thing. This is, perhaps, a sad commentary on the state of my psyche, and it was the push I needed to go ahead and get moving on my Happiness Project.


I’ll be sharing bits of it here on the blog as I get a move on.

I decided to make February all about marriage, since it is the month of lurve and all, so my resolutions are:

1. Verbalize a want.

This sounds a little hokey if you don’t know me, probably, and it doesn’t sound like something that would necessarily help a marriage, but in my case, I have a super hard time doing this, and then I get resentful because no one can read my mind and all is not well.

2. Initiate a touch.

A hug, a pat, a back-scratch, whatever. I am not a cuddly person, really, so this is something I need to think about because I forget.

3. Give a gift.

Doesn’t have to be a material gift. Could be doing one of the chores that isn’t mine, out of the goodness of my heart (and without grouching about it). Could be mending a shirt. Could be fixing a sandwich. And could also be an actual material gift. Those count, too.

So my goal is to do each one of those things every day for the rest of February. I have a checklist. I’ll let you know how it goes.

What’s on for the rest of the year?

March will be resolutions about mindfulness. In April, I’ll focus on my health and activity level. May will be all about career growth. In June, I’m going to think hard about managing all my “stuff” (all the physical things I own). July is all about play. August will be about my relationships with my family and friends. In September, I’ll focus on gratitude. I don’t have anything for October, November, or December yet, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something along the way!

Want to play along? Please do. You can either do my resolutions with me, or come up with your own tailored-to-your-life Happiness Project. I recommend picking up the book and checking out Gretchen’s website for more ideas. (There’s a whole page dedicated to starting your own Happiness Project.)

So here’s what else has been going on in my life this week:

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On Teh Internets

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Other Crap

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