Proof: My sad, sad journal chart.

Proof: My sad, sad journal chart.

Guys, you may be wondering about that whole Happiness Project thing I was posting about. I want to be honest with you. February was a huge fail. I mean, I bit it hard. I failed to track the activities I laid out for myself, and I spent many days whining and grousing about my failed attempts, and I was generally unhappy about my happiness. Ironic much? Reasons I may have failed:

  • A poor system. I made a chart in my journal, which I then failed to look at, pretty much ever.
  • A difficult task. I know this stuff is supposed to make me happy, and I think it would if I could get around my bad attitude and just do it, but I did not take into account how difficult it would be.
  • I got busy. Lame, but true.

So, I’m rebooting. That sounds better than quitting and starting up again, doesn’t it? Yep, let’s go with rebooting.

I’m trying out a new program, Happify. It’s in beta, but I got an invite because of blogging about the whole happiness thing. You can sign up for an invite, too, if you’re interested! The idea is that it gives you tasks to complete on a daily/weekly basis in one of a few “tracks” that you can choose. It’s really a lot like my happiness project except that someone else did all the set-up work for me. Heh.

So this month I’m doing the “Nuture My Body and Soul” track. Yesterday it gave me a task to change a routine and enjoy the change, then I got to play a search game where I found objects in a pretty picture, and I also took a quiz about gratitude. So far it’s cute and fun and a lot easier to complete and track than my daily journal was.

Anyway, if you manage to procure a beta invite, friend me. It’ll be fun.

Incidentally, I found this on the Happify blog yesterday. Not sure if it’s true, but let’s go with it anyway.

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 9.22.44 PM

  • I’ve got five Happify invites to share if anyone’s interested!

    • invite me?

      • I just tried to invite you, but it says “user already exists.”