Yard Ideas From the Wilmington Azalea Festival 2012

I’m inside eating my feelings and dreaming of the day I will be motivated enough to make my backyard look better than shit. Here’s some inspiration from 3 years ago at the Azalea Festival in Wilmington, NC.

I’ve decided I hate bird baths. They are gross and breed mosquitoes. Here’s a bird bath-as-planter alternative.

bird bath planter

Here’s an idea for a simple container. (Spiller and thriller.)

simple container

I think these are pyracantha trained to grow on wires:

trellis topiaries

Rosemary is super easy to grow, but I never thought of shaping it like this:


If you need a little beach flair, seashells in a container topiary are pretty:

beachy topiary

And once the yard is done, it’s time for party lights!

party lights

Hope that gets your ideas flowing too!