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Mofo Cover 400

Market Like a Mofo: How to Sell More Copies of Your Badass Book

So you’ve got the writing thing down. You know how to publish. But how the hell do you market this damn thing? …

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Vampire Cover 400

Vampires and Tantric Sex: How to Publish Your Book Like a Bona Fide Badass

A follow-up to our first book on writing, this book will teach you how to publish the book that you brought into being…

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Unicorn Cover 400

Whiskey-Pissing Unicorns: How to Lose or Quit Your Job and Become a Badass Writer

We really hope you don’t get a pernicious pink slip, but just in case you do we whipped up this tasty book for you…

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Martini Cover 400

Bagels, Dirty Limericks, and Martinis: The Badass Guide to Writing Your First Book

In this book, you’ll get the down-and-dirty on hammering out your book, whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, or a weird alien hybrid…

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Write Dammit Cover 400

25 Reasons to Write, Dammit!

A FREE quick-and-dirty motivational kick-in-the-pants listing of all the reasons why you should get off your butt and write, dammit! …

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Heart of the Matter: Tips from Heart of Carolina Romance Writers for Writing & Selling Your Novel

40 instructional, guiding, and encouraging articles by the multi-published and talented members of Heart of Carolina Romance Writers…

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