25 Reasons to Write, Dammit!

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25 Reasons to Write, Dammit! is a quick-and-dirty motivational kick-in-the-pants listing of all the reasons why you should get off your butt (or, since we’re writing, sit down ON your butt) and write, dammit! This ain’t no touchy-feely campfire circle, neither. We swear and make penis jokes, as per usual. Don’t tell our grandmas, k?

Hobby, schmobby. Job, schmob. Who cares why you’re writing? It’s really only important that you’re writing. And the truth is that your clever, devious brain will come up with precisely 1.4 squillion reasons why you shouldn’t, can’t, or aren’t writing, so we thought we’d help you out a bit with precisely 1.4 squillion reasons why you need to just write, dammit. Thankfully, after a nasty little brawl over the number “squillion,” we stopped at 25 reasons. We hear you saying, “Thank Elvis,” for that. But don’t get all smart in your pants with us, you, you writer — or else we’ll keep going.

Who the Hell Are We?

We’re Sonja and Lisa, and we’re full-time professional no-pantsers who magically spout words interspersed with cupcake sprinkles and Lucky Charms (without the oaty bits) from our fingertips. We then sell those words (reserving the sprinkles and marshmallows for ourselves) for mountains of Dwarven gold. Actually that’s bullshit. For every 100 words we write, we scurry over, press a bar, and are rewarded with an M&M. So you know, we work for a living.

Sonja Foust makes her millions as the comical mistress of fuckery and fail over at Pintester. She has also published several romances. Lisa Creech Bledsoe beats the shit out of things for relaxation and pleasure and tells all about it at The Glowing Edge. She brings home the bacon by writing non-fiction for her clients, primarily in the area of dating and women’s interest.

Together we are the Dynamic Duo of Book Badassery, and the self-published authors of a series of Badass Writing guides available on Amazon. Check out a few of those and you’ll understand that we also slurp martinis, share dirty limericks, and cultivate relationships with evil unicorns. Not that kind of relationship, jeez.

Mottos we have violently rejected with excessive swearing and throwing of homemade crafts include:

  • Think about writing, dammit!
  • Talk about writing, dammit!
  • Dream about writing, dammit!

Which means, of course, that we don’t think you should wait until you get a tattoo in your box of CrackerJack, sailor. Instead you should…

Write, dammit!

Write now. Here’s why…

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