Oh Fine, Resolutions

You knew it was coming. Every year, I try to deny that I will have New Years Resolutions. Every year I make them anyway. And most years, I break them immediately, as per tradition. So here are this year’s resolutions, which I think should be easy enough to keep, although I reserve the right to completely screw them up almost immediately.

Be weird. Be the real me. Do all the stuff I’ve always wanted to do but was too scared because someone would think I was weird, or it would make someone uncomfortable, or it would challenge the status quo. Weird is the word for 2012.

Live with less. I’ve started with my wardrobe and my kitchen and my book collection. What’s next? Well, I’m definitely getting rid of a lot of the cosmetic and smelly-good stuff in my bathroom, but more ideas will come.

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A Plea to The Men I Love

The news of Steve Jobs’ death yesterday was sad, indeed. It’s always sad when a good (or smart, important, visionary) person dies young.

But I’ve personally known so many good men who have died young, and the death of Steve Jobs made me think of them.

My classmate’s dad in middle school died of some kind of cancer– I don’t know what. We were only 12. I can’t imagine that his dad was more than 50. Probably a lot younger.

My boyfriend’s dad died when we were in high school, of skin cancer that had spread into his brain and blood. He had two sons and a wife. He was young.

My father-in-law passed away only a few years ago from a massive, unexpected heart attack. He wasn’t even 60 yet.

There are so many others. Almost everyone I know has lost a young man in their life. It’s sad, it’s horrible, and it’s not fair, and Steve Jobs’ death made me think of them– all the men that have left too soon. I miss them.

So, you men who are young and living, and especially you men that I love so much, please, please take care of yourselves. Listen to your bodies. Know your normals. Ask for help! Stay with us.

November is Movember, and I know it’s a silly thing and it makes us all laugh (or, in my case, cringe and gag) about sketchy porn star moustaches, but the message is so important. Men, your health is so important. Please don’t ignore it. We love you.