5 Blogs That Will Change Your Life

Alright, I realize that maybe it’s a bit hyperbolic to tell you that these blogs (or the books from last week) will change your life. But they sure as hell changed mine, and that’s really all I have to go on here, so onward.

The 30 Before 30 Project

This blog isn’t active anymore, but you can still read all the posts from Celine’s 30 Before 30 Project. Her project is what inspired me to do my 30 Before 30 project, and in her case, she actually made everything on her list happen! Totally inspiring, plus just a lot of fun to read.

Project 333

If you guys haven’t heard all of my Project 333 ranting and raving yet, here’s a little background. I am a true believer. I know it sounds crazy, but it will change your life. Cleaning out my closet inspired me to clean out a whole lot of other stuff in my life, too.

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5 Books That Will Change Your Life

I was just recommending a non-fiction book to a friend the other day when I realized that there are about five books I’d recommend to just about everyone. These all changed my life in some powerful way, no joke. I’m not even being hyperbolic about that.

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen

This is the one that’s made the biggest impact recently. It’s simple, but it’s so, so good. I was already organized before reading it, but now I have a way to make sure that I am really organized, and not just-enough-to-get-by. If you implement the system in this book in a way that works for you, you’ll never have to waste time remembering what it is you’re supposed to be doing ever again. It’s that powerful.

If you read the book and get stuck, email me, for real. I’m happy to be your sounding board on making a system that works in your case. (I know, I sound like an infomercial, but they’re totally not paying me anything to say that, at all. I just really like it and I think the world would be a better place if people had systems to keep them from being stressed out so much.)

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

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Are any of you in the mood for a roadtrip? Because I’m going to the NCMA Pinup tomorrow night in my first kinda-sorta official Pintester outing (not speaking or anything– just participating) and it sure would be nice if someone would scream, “OH MY GOD YOU’RE THE PINTESTER!” and run up to me all excited-like so I won’t have to stand in the corner blushing furiously and slurping down 18 glasses of wine all by myself. Just sayin’.

Also, I forgot to mention in my last post that I am now an agented author. How cool is that shit? Yes, I have been talking to my new agent (squee- Courtney Miller-Callihan) about book proposals and things and I feel way official now.

Here’s what else is new(ish) with me:

What I Wrote

The most interesting man in the world said hi on Pintester.

I took a vacation without Internets and everything. I only thought about the fact that I didn’t have Internet about half the time.

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